About Us

Challenge Brand is a Lebanese brand established by AL SAFFAR group under the law of companies in Lebanon. Al Saffar Group owned by Al Saffar family Iraq.

AL Saffar SARL produces CHALLENGE Brand as joint venture agreements with the most reputable and trusted factories in China.

Challenge products designed and engineered by a professional globally team from Europe and East Asia, then assembling will be in China.

Challenge products are covering all the range of: feature phones, Smartphone, tablets and so many other consumer electronics, also some of the important accessories products.

Al Saffar SARL has now combined the know-how, knowledge with creativity to design and engineer and type of the innovative consumer electronics as ODM or OEM products, Al Saffar SARL is the first company in the Middle East, that present this kind of service.


Hong Kong Office ( Logistic ):                                      Europe Office ( Development ):
Unionway Commercial Centre                                    Berliner Ring 8
District Centre                                                                64724 Bensheim
China                                                                               Germany